The following is a selection of my favorite books that I recommend for readers.    I like them because of the pictures and the variety of text readers can practise with. 

Note:  the Simply books are from Trafford publishing.  When you click on the Purchase Now buttons you will be transferred to my book page on the Trafford website. Trafford offers 3 x editions:   soft cover ($13.99), hard cover ($23.99), and e-book ($6.99).  Shipping charges will be added per order in the Checkout for the soft and hard cover editions.

Simply Read!

A simple, common sense approach that greatly simplifies the process of learning to read for parents helping beginning readers as well as for those who serve as reading coaches to older students and adults. These proven techniques have helped thousands of beginning and challenged readers learn quickly and with comprehension. Simply Read! is rewarding, enriching and inspiring — parents and teachers confirm this book is an invaluable resource at home and in school. Vera believes that knowledge of phonics is important but that it can also be the reason children get blocked and discouraged on their way to becoming successful readers. Her company, Reading Wings Inc.,is a professional organization that assists parents and teachers in overcoming reading difficulties.

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Simply Write!

Make writing an enjoyable part of your life. You, and everyone in your family, can use writing to strengthen relationships and to extend thinking and imagination. This ground-breaking book presents simple ways to give writing a more central place in your own life and in that of your family. Children become writers when the adults in their lives model
and celebrate writing. Learn how parents and teachers can work together in partnership to promote writing and raise strong writers. When writing is celebrated, students benefit by choosing to use writing to become more self-confident, thoughful, creative and curious.

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Simply Too Much Homework!

Homework dictates how both parents and students spend their few precious hours at the end of a busy day.  Does homework create conflict in your home?  When is enough enough?  What important activities and learning experiences does time spent on homework replace?  What is happening in schools to make teachers feel the need to require parents to share their teaching load?  If homework hasn’t been proven to add to success, and if in fact it has negative consequences, isn’t it time we discussed alternatives? What responsibility do parents have to stop this homework madness that invades their lives and puts round-the-clock pressure on children to perform?

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So Many Ways to Defend Themselves

Being small does not mean you have to be vulnerable. Small animals have many different ways of protecting their territory and evading their predators — even huge, extremely dangerous predators. Whether they rely on strategy or trickery, or simply take flight, these cunning little animals each have their own secret method of escaping their sworn enemy. And these methods are often quite surprising! Discover the intelligence, wisdom and nerve of these incredibly bold and courageous little creatures.

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So Many Ways to Communicate

A little tune for some, a colorful mask for others. Plays for women only and funny-face contests for mature males. These are not part of a carnival of animals, but rather genuine means of communication. To seduce each other, alert each other to danger or invite each other over for a simple meal, animals display their silent, musical or downright noisy talents! So make yourselves comfortable. The show’s about to begin!

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So Many Ways to Move About

They run, jump, crawl, skate or climb. On land, under the ground, on the water, in the water, in the air or in the trees, they display incredible dexterity and ingenuity. Some of them travel 35,000 kilometers through the air to migrate to the other end of the planet, while other stayat-home types prefer to prance around on the walls and ceilings of our dwellings. Be they insects, felines, reptiles or amphibians, they invite you to explore an art at which some of them excel — the art of moving about.

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So Many Ways to Build a Shelter

Who hasn’t dreamed about building a hidden cabin in the woods or a secret place far from prying glances? Just like humans, animals need shelter — a quiet, safe place to call their own. Some animals are not very ambitious and are content to use the surrounding vegetation to build their cozy little nests, but others are very imaginative and use extremely complex materials. Tunnels, rocks or makeshift houses on piles — come and visit the unusual dwellings of these master builders.

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So Many Ways to Reproduce

How do animals seduce each other? How are baby animals conceived? What do they look like when they're born? These are just some of the questions answered in the colorful and fascinating pages of this book. From the parents' first date to the arrival of the little ones, leaf through the family album of the animal world and discover the often unusual stories of some very astonishing species. Colorful pages full of illustrations and startling information, useful table that are fun to consult, indispensable files on each species to help young readers learn and understand, as well as an attractive map of the world indicating where each species can be found.

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So Many Ways to Live in Difficult Conditions

Animals that can withstand scorching temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius. Others that can survive at depths of 11,000 meters in the ocean. Birds that perform graceful maneuvers at altitudes of over 8,000 meters. Incredible living conditions that many animal species contend with on a daily basis, without appearing to endure great hardship. Come and discover the secrets of these kings of the shadowy depths, high altitudes, ice floes and deserts — animals that have conquered the most hostile environments on Earth.

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