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Reading Wings

By Vera Goodman, B.E.D., M.A.

Top 7 Over 70 Recipient - Vera GoodMan

The Reading Wings organisation has a unique approach to helping those who cannot read, or don’t read well. Vera Goodman developed six exercises which generate dramatic results and are available in The Reading Wings Course.


      • Proven system: Hundreds of successes
      • Fast and effective
      • Simple to learn and use
      • Great for parents and educators
      • Unlike anything you’ve tried before
      • Eliminates confusion
      • Builds confidence
      • Removes reader anxiety


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Parents are often surprised when they come to a whole new understanding of their own reading process. Many times a light bulb goes on about why they don’t read well themselves!


Vera’s work as a speaker is another significant way in which she contributes to advancing the education of teachers, students, parents and the public at large in her reading techniques and uncommon insights. Engaging Vera as a speaker for your event is a real treat!


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