The Many Ways to Use Vera’s Expertise

  1. Reading Workshops for Trustees and Administrators.
  2. Professional development for Teachers and Principals in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Speaking.
  3. Reading and writing workshops for Teaching Assistants.
  4. Entertaining, informative Parent Workshop.
  5. Training Volunteers as Mentors to students of all ability levels.
  6. Teaching and facilitating a unique approach to Novel Study.
  7. Training teachers and parents in Daycare and Pre-school programs.
  8. Consultant support for individual teachers and parents.

Dear Vera,
I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to have worked with you on your extremely valuable learning methods. Over the years I have worked with many teachers and learning professionals from a number of disciplines all having developed a new approach to teaching someone something in a slightly different way. Most lasted only as fads as the ‘flavor of the month’ approach to learning.

Your approach is based in the very foundation of learning not in the ‘window dressing’ of style, but in the heart of comprehension. You are supporting young learners to confidently create their own context for learning…a truly wonderful gift for life!

Please do not hesitate to call on me if I can support you in anyway.

All the best,

Choose from these informative workshops:

Coaching Beginning & Discouraged Readers

The foremost goal of schooling is to ensure that everyone reads well. Vera shares unique insights into the process of learning to read and presents common-sense strategies that enable teachers at all levels to help their students read more effectively. You will enjoy her energy, sense of humor and timely stories.
All Audiences

Reading Success For All

The ability to read effectively is the basic qualification for success in every subject area. All those concerned with education need to understand the nature of reading. Communicating with parents, choosing how to allocate resources, setting appropriate goals and knowing how to give instructive feedback to teachers demands clear, simple understanding of how reading success is achieved. Vera will help you to express in 25 words or less the secret of effective reading.
Possible Audiences: Principals, Administrators, Trustees

The Three W’s of Leadership

Everyone is a leader of someone. Principals are in the difficult position of leading teachers who are all strong leaders in their own work. This workshop will examine a simple framework that will help to look at organizing to accomplish the mission of your school from some different perspectives. Guaranteed to make you examine issues you may not have considered.
Possible Audiences: Principals, Administrators, Trustees

Teaching for Reading Success

This presentation is entertaining while administering large doses of wisdom and common-sense insights into reading and learning.
It investigates three questions:

What is reading?
What ingredients are essential?
What techniques guarantee success?
Possible Audiences: Grade One and Primary Teachers

Building Strong Footings

Reading depends for its success on a solid foundation of experience. Catherine Snow’s research shows that the difference between those who learn easily and those who don’t, may reside in the quality of talk they have engaged in. The responsibility of schooling is to build experience in as many domains as possible. Using great literature enables even young children to reflect on the experiences of others to build not only knowledge but also behavioral and emotional experiences that lead to meaningful reading.
Possible Audiences: Teachers and Teacher Assistants

Strengthening Communication Skills

Vera was a consultant with the Calgary Writing Project. She shares with her audience many strategies for developing competent writers. She will customize this presentation for classroom teachers or for the coaching duties of teacher assistants. A hands-on workshop that is sure to make participants conduct more competent, enjoyable writing sessions with students.
Possible Audiences: Resource Teachers

Sustainers at the North End of Pooh

Just as Christopher Robin sustained Pooh in his Tight Place, so we can empower “at risk” learners to become successful readers. Practical ways to restore confidence, build on talents and strengths and transfer ownership of reading to the learner will be presented. Learn how parents can become your best helpers.

Nurturing the Roots of Reading

Vera’s research into the power of a story well shared and the inadequacy of a story poorly shared provides important insights for all those who build reading readiness into young children. This involves a look into her master’s thesis The roots of reading in picture-book sharing episodes between mothers and two-year-olds.

Apprenticing Young Readers

Volunteers and parents are asked to coach emerging readers, often with little or no training. This workshop presents a simple, different way to look at the reading process and demonstrates enjoyable, common sense ways to enhance coaching skills. Conduct sessions that end with “Let’s do this again, soon!”

They All Learn in Their Own Way

This approach to learning brings students of all ages and ability levels together. It is possible for students in primary school and high school to use the same novel. Develops high-level reading, writing and spelling skills. A teacher-friendly approach to learning that combines the fine arts and the universal themes of great literature to facilitate a journey of discovery for teacher and students.
Take advantage of the diversity of students’ experiences, abilities and age levels. An open-ended model that accommodates all teaching styles and methods. Eliminates the need for multiple copies so requires no extra expenditures. You can even use a novel that is out of print!

Teachers, students, parents and volunteers combine their special talents to create exciting learning experiences together. Solves many of the problems faced by teachers who are working with a wide variety of ability levels in a regular classroom.