The Power of Reading (& Tenacity)

Here is another story from Highland, the volunteer who is carrying on with The Story Circle Project in Gambella, Ethiopia.

Nyadeng Chol is a 13 year old girl. She came from South Sudan when the war broke out and ran with her family to a safe place in Longechuk. When the government forces attacked Longechuk, Nyadeng and her family ran out aimlessly and they lost contact with their father when they reached Maiwut county near Ethiopia.  They still don’t know where their father is! They tried so hard to find him but they don’t know whether he is alive or not.

Now Nyadeng and her two sisters are hardly getting food to eat.  Their mother is working so hard to provide her kids with food but things aren’t going well because they depend on selling firewood.

Nyadeng showed up for five days, when no new students were being accepted, demanding to be part of the project.   Joyce said, “We are very sorry, my dear, but we aren’t taking more students because we’re full.”  She stood firm and said “I will hate you forever if you won’t let me sit in this class because every time you send me home I’m standing outside the door listening to you teaching English. It sounds like beautiful music in my ears. I want to learn and be able to speak and write English like you.”    Joyce let her join!  This is how Nyadeng became a Vera’s Story Circle student.

Here is what she says, ” I am feeling excited for the amazing program we have now. I am feeling proud because I have overcome my reading problem and my mother is happy too because I began to read English transcript and my mother is proud of my success in reading.   God bless Vera because without her class I would not be good in reading and mother would not be happy too.”

The project is know all over the city and Nhial Wicleek, who is our contact there, says he is getting calls every day from outlying towns and villages wanting us to bring the program to them.  I’m excited at how spreadable this is and look forward to being able to start more groups soon.

Fortunately, we set up a non-profit, The Vera Goodman Learning Society, about three years ago.  Now all donations received are being handled by Lawrence Verlaan who is the secretary/treasurer of the Society.  All transactions will be available for public scrutiny.  Everything is falling in place so beautifully.  I am excited and pleased.

Our budget for this program is $2,000 per month.  We have received enough  to fund the program for two months.  The kids in the Gambella Story Circle Project thank you for making this possible.

You have the opportunity to keep the Story Circle Project going. 

Donations over $30 receive a tax deductible receipt.


Send E-Transfers  to:  International Center for Developmental Learning
Please include your address in the email that contains the answer to your question.

Make CHEQUES payable to International Center for Developmental Learning
Mail to: Four Worlds, Box 395, Cochrane, Alberta  T4C 1A6

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