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Simply Read! Helping Students Read Well (Teacher Version)


Too often the equation to get students reading effectively just doesn’t add up. Students want to be seen as capable and worthy by their peers.

Teachers want to see their students succeed. Parents are expected to practice daily reading with their children but often without the training to do so effectively. The result is frustration for both parents and student. Students can build deep ditches of despair that make the teacher’s job more difficult.

Vera Goodman is recognized as a leading expert in the field of reading. She has used her fifty years of research and experience to create this uniquely simple approach to reading. The Making Sense Approach™ has resulted in thousands of struggling readers of all ages becoming successful and actually enjoying reading.

The Simply Read! Helping Students Read Well is an affordable and effective tool for the classroom. The Making Sense Approach™ that Vera uses in her online course is designed to work with students who have failed to learn through conventional methods. Using this approach will ensure that your students read fluently and with greater understanding, all without spending money on extra programs or materials.

The Making Sense Approach™ is an apprenticeship model that shows how to talk someone through a reading passage so they know how to carry the message in thought as they read the words. It gives them the tools to bring their understanding and experience in making sense of the text. The approach builds confidence quickly so participants soon become fluent, effective readers.

Since the coach does not need to know about testing results or weaknesses of the student, this approach is especially useful for teacher assistants, parents, volunteers and others with whom personal, confidential information should not be shared. When everyone who reads with discouraged readers is trained in the use of the Making Sense Approach™, the message to the reader will be consistent and progress will be more rapid.

Easy to learn and proven effective, Simply Read! Helping Students Read Well (Teacher Version)resources include multimedia, animations, narration, interactivity, testing, and videos with Vera Goodman teaching and demonstrating the Making Sense Approach™ concepts to a group of teachers. You will also see it used in an actual classroom setting of grade three students, and watch a teacher and her class of aboriginal students demonstrate how to extend the benefits of the approach to the classroom.

Simply Read! Helping Students Read Well is ideal for students who read but are not reading well enough to cope with the level of difficulty they are encountering. It is also ideal for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder, speech disorders, phonemic awareness problems, hearing impairment, Down Syndrome and other learning problems because they don’t have to depend on memorizing words and knowing the rules of phonics.

All students will become faster, more effective readers when they learn to use the techniques embodied in the Making Sense Approach™ to reading.

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