Simply Too Much Homework!

Simply Homework! What Can We Do?

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Homework Is Out of Control!

Excessive homework is robbing children and families of precious time to learn and play together.
Today more than ever students and parents are stressed by the dramatically increasing demands of homework. Vera Goodman makes the case that homework is not only of questionable value, but that expecting students to “do school” all day, as well as evenings and holidays, can have serious negative consequences. It’s time we discussed alternatives. Read this book and learn how to help stop homework madness.

“A welcome addition to the growing body of work questioning the practice of homework, Goodman makes a simple, straighforward case against excessive homework – get it out of my house.”

Etta Kralovec
Co-author of “The End of Homework: How Homework Disrups Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning”

“Vera Goodman exudes a passion for teaching and learning and shows how homework is detrimental to students, parents and teachers. I love the concise, straightforward way this book lays out the problem.”

Sara Bennett
Host of and co-author of “The case Against Homework.”

What important activities are you sacrificing to homework?

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