Simply Read!

Uncover Your Child’s Reading Potential

Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read
Overcome Anxiety – Build Confidence – Develop Speed and Fluency
This proven approach to reading focuses on the reader making sense of text rather than just sounding out words. It will help you read with beginning and discouraged readers in a whole new way. A special section is devoted to helping adolescent non-readers. Parents of pre-schoolers or home-schoolers who use these strategies will be able to guide their children to reading success in a natural way at an early age.


Vera Goodman’s unique, common-sense coaching methods greatly simplify the process of learning to read. Her proven techniques have helped hundreds of beginning and discouraged readers learn to read quickly and with improved comprehension. Simply Read is rewarding, enriching and inspiring – parents and teachers confirm this book is an invaluable resource at home and in the school.

“This book is required reading for every parent who has a child in my class. Many see their own reading in a new light. One mother calls it her bible.”

Kathy Walkow, Grade One Teacher

“Simply Read is a valuable tool for those of us with no training in teaching our children to read.”

Don and Jacqueline McGrath, Parents

Are you frustrated that your child can’t read well?
Have you tried everything and still had poor results?
Ever wondered why learning to read has been made so complicated?
Would you like to find a truly better, easier, faster and affordable way?
Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read greatly simplifies the process of learning to read for parents helping beginning readers as well as for those who serve as reading coaches to older students and adults.
Vera believes that knowledge of phonics is important but that it can also be the reason children get blocked and discouraged on their way to becoming successful readers. Her company, Reading Wings Inc., is a professional organization that assists parents and teachers in overcoming reading difficulties.

“I love the lucid way you explain things and your very practical approach to reading difficulties.”

June Callwood, Journalist and Broadcaster

“Educators are busy people. I appreciate your simple style and your ability to say things succinctly.”

Paddy Mullaney, Elementary School Principal

Vera Goodman’s lifelong commitment to help struggling readers find pleasure and meaning in reading led her to create The Making Sense Approach™, a unique coaching program focusing on the experiences and enjoyment that coaches and students share as they learn together.

Vera has taken her distinctive coaching style and cutting-edge strategies to a wide variety of audiences. Her vivacious personality and sparkling energy have endeared her to thousands of people who have been influenced by her best-selling first book, Reading is More than Phonics! (now re-published as Simply Read), or by her dynamic presentations and powerful teaching video, Coaching Young Readers.

“Our library appreciates your book. It is very clear and your strategies are ones that parents can easily put into practice! When parents need help it is the first book I reach for.”

Kathleen S. Linn, Youth Services Librarian

I, Vera Goodman, promise that by using the techniques presented in Simply Read,
every child will become a better, faster, more powerful reader.

Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read