Parent / Child Consults

You will never think the same way about words and how to make sense of language again!

Vera has spent her professional life on a mission to provide parents and teachers with the knowledge and the special tools she has discovered over her 30 years of research and experience. She brings this expertise to her writing, speaking and family consults.
She has a special gift – the ability to communicate simply and clearly. Vera has spoken to thousands of educators, parents, reading volunteers, woman’s groups and conferences on education and motivational topics.

The basis of her philosophy is that one must take a holistic approach to reading vs focusing strictly on phonics. The trend towards pure phonics is, in her educated opinion, the root cause of much of the dysfunction present in non-readers today. Vera explains this in her consultations with parents and in her workshops with parents and educators.

Parents are often surprised when they come to a whole new understanding of their own reading process. Many times a light bulb goes on about why they don’t read well themselves!

Usually a few sessions together is all that’s required for a family to understand how they can work together to make reading fun and exciting. The child begins to read fluently and with understanding. It is an amazing process in it’s simple complexity.

Vera is a writing tutor with children of any age. Her unique techniques make it fun and interesting. Students blossom in their creative approach to the writing process.


Aspiring readers need to practice with someone who can read. Vera trains reading coaches to develop successful readers by building confidence and fluency. The Making Sense Approach focuses on the strengths of the learner and on the enjoyment that coach and student share as they learn together.

Vera is a passionate believer in children and in their innate ability to learn to read and write with confidence. Her lifelong commitment has been to help struggling readers to find pleasure and meaning in reading. Now she is also focusing on the same ideas as they relate to writing.

The sparkle and energy she brings to her work has endeared her to the thousands who have been impacted by her best-selling book previously titled Reading is More Than Phonics!, now revised and called Simply Read!

Vera has a master’s degree in reading from the University of Calgary. As a professional teacher and private tutor, she has taught hundreds of children and adults to read. She is recognized for her ability to explain the reading & writing processes simply and clearly. Her personal research into literacy development has produced the approach she has mastered.