Rave Reviews

Simply Read! Helping Others Read Effectively

“I feel such a sense of relief after doing your course. I believe it is dead-on. The two days I’ve done it with Roman, it has not been frustrating and I have felt free to help, which we both enjoyed. I asked him tonight how he feels about his reading. He said, “I like reading mom.”

Your approach is based on fostering a solid and supportive relationship with your child. How could any parent not benefit from that? Your approach is sooo open-ended. It is really about support and the relationship you are creating around reading. I was giving him time to think but to think on the wrong thing. I now see he was thinking about decoding rather than reading.

I think your approach is beautifull!!!!!”

Jennifer Plosz
Parent and High School Math Teacher

If you have a struggling reader in your life, I urge you to take Vera’s course. The ability to read is nothing short of life changing. By using her methods you can help bring understanding and subsequently a love of reading to someone’s life. That will change that life beyond measure. And that is a most invaluable gift.

Shelley Goldbeck
Writer, Author, and Speaker

The Reading Coach’s Toolkit (now Simply Read! Helping Others Read Effectively)

“My fourteen year old daughter, Stephanie, was only able to read at a very low level. She is in a Life Skills Class with only three other girls. She was sad because she couldn’t read any of the books her friends were reading. After receiving The Reading Coach’s Toolkit we watched the DVD together. In two days both her reading and mine were turned around. In less than a month Stephanie has read six books and entered 93 words into the beautiful new Word Book she purchased for herself and my reading has improved significantly. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you, Vera. You have changed life in our family forever.”

Debbie Zunstein

“I wish I had found this resource earlier in my career. I now use the approach and have trained my volunteers as well. It’s practical, easy to implement, and incredibly successful. I am ‘spreading the word’ to families who practice with struggling readers. Thanks, Vera, for sharing your wisdom.”

Karen Kozdras
Special Education Teacher
Oakville, Ontario

“As a teacher, I work with many struggling readers. When my own child failed to learn to read, our nightly reading time turned into a battle. Fortunately, I was piloting Vera’s Reading Coach’sToolkit. Now instead of fighting us, she brings books and asks us to practice with her. I experimented by having her read a typical early reader with simple sentences, simple words and simple ideas. She struggled and paused to sound out each letter. Then she read a difficult book using Vera’s approach. I couldn’t believe it was the same child! Now I am changing the lives of my struggling readers at school as well.”

Dawnette L. Brett
Special Education Teacher and President, Sask. Special Education Council

“Our son had completely lost interest in reading and was doing very poorly in school. He was having defiant behavior. After working with Vera’s Approach, a complete change came over him. He discovered that reading was fun and that HE COULD DO IT! His grades have gone from D’s to B’s with the odd A. Our daughter has severe speech problems s and was struggling in grade 5. She now does well in school. You have given our family a treasure to last a lifetime. Keep up the great work!”

Corrine Gross

“Our daughter faces numerous learning issues and we have sought professional support since she was a toddler. It has been frustrating and the years of diagnosis and testing that took place did not offer concrete solutions. Vera’s approach made sense. Today Sydney can read. We practice daily and she is beginning to read independently with confidence.”

Michele McDonald

“We used Vera’s way of reading with our son Austin after he had failed grade 7 and failed summer school. When we worked together using this new way to look at reading, he could read much faster and was able to have a better understanding of what he was reading. His grades went up in each and every subject as a result.”

Kelly Martin

“With Vera’s help, our daughter’s reading ability, enjoyment, and overall confidence in school increased dramatically. Vera’s simple approach to reading gave us, as parents, the tools to better support our child and find greater enjoyment in our time reading with her. Thank you Vera!”

Crystal Green

“In grade three I went to Sylvan Learning and they gave me Go Dog Go to read. It was a bit insulting. Needless to say I didn’t go back. I abandoned all hope. Poor reading ability affected all areas of my schooling, for example my math performance. One day I was told I was going to take a visit to Vera Goodman, a visit, I hate to say, I was dreading and nervous about, because remember, I couldn’t read well.”


“After one session, I read The Giver by Louis Lowry. After the second session I read the entire Harry Potter series in a month. Next, I read all of Scott Westerfeld’s novels. Since then I estimate I have read a novel a week, if not more.”


“I have just finished grade eight with honours with distinction, and I absolutely love writing and reading now. Meeting with Vera changed my life! Whenever I pick up a book I think about how my life might have been if I wasn’t reading; underachieving and with low self-esteem. I recommend Vera’s approach to everyone who doesn’t read well.”

Hannah Jade Johnson

“From the first session, we walked away impressed with our daughter already showing improvement. After the third session, she became a fluent reader. Best of all, she enjoys reading!”

Lawrence Verlan

Professional Speaking

“Vera’s literacy seminars were professional, witty and demonstrated her mastery of the subject leaving us spell-bound and thirsty for more. She was indeed a breath of fresh air.”

Bernadine Louis
Ministry of Education
The British Virgin Islands

Exerpts from letters received for Simply Read!

“Vera, thanks so much for your wonderful book. I cherish your pertinent information for teachers and parents.”

Karen Kirk
Resource Teacher
Malibu, California

“Helps you to relax, understand the reading process, and put emphasis on the goal, not the age and accomplishment expected.”

Cathie Williams

“My students love your book. It gives them tools to assist struggling readers that go beyond sound it out . It is uniquely accessible and overflows with ideas and examples.”

Jeffrey Wood
Instructor, Indiana University

“I highly recommend Vera Goodman’s book. Her positive attitude towards parents and teachers and her love of children and reading seem to jump from the pages.”

Anne Price, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Calgary Learning Centre

“Your book is truly wonderful and clearly illustrates some of the difficulties encountered by beginning readers as well as corrective measures, which can move them onto the right track.”

Senator Joyce Fairbairn
Minister responsible for Literacy

“Brett was struggling with reading. I knew he could do it but how do we help him so he knows he can do it? That is where your book has helped us and I can’t begin to tell you how things have changed for all of us. No longer is that dark cloud looming over our evenings at reading time and we now see a little boy who beams every time he reads. This has been an invaluable gift to all of our family and we can’t thank you enough.”

Shauna Kenworthy

“Educators are busy people. The teachers appreciate your simple style and your ability to say things succinctly.”

Paddy Mullaney
Elementary School Principal

“An excellent book for parents … a valuable resource for teachers and administrators.”

Sharon Morris
East Scarborough Reading Association

“I was under the impression I should focus on sounding out words. Your book gave me a rounded perspective that makes excellent sense. It has worked wonders!”

Lorraine Hodgkinson

“I picked up your book at Costco and went back the next day for nine more. It is now required reading for every parent who has a child in my class. Many parents have said that the book not only helped them to see reading through the eyes of their child, they saw their own reading in a new light.”

Kathy Walkow
Grade One teacher, Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I feel that your book should be translated into French. I think it will find a ready audience in the field of French immersion education in Canada”

Dr. David Dillon

Montreal, Quebec

“You address profound underlying assumptions in a strong, simple language. It is very timely as it may offer an arena to open the dialogue around teaching children how to read. I would highly recommend the translation to French. I definitely feel it is a timely publication in any language.”

Dr. Lucille Mandin
Associate Professor, University of Alberta.

Excerpts from letters received for Simply Write!

“It’s here!!!! Oh Vera thank you so much for the book and the kind words! It looks great. Everything from cover to content is very professional and “spot on”!! I love it and can’t wait to show it to my students at the Mount! I hope you are pleased with it and that it sells well. It is an important message to have out there both for parents and teachers”

Jane Baskwill
Professor, Education Dept. Mt. Allison University

“Vera Goodman is on a gallant mission: to inspire everyone to begin a love affair with writing. Simply Write! is the first writing book I’ve seen that reveals a well-kept secret: children become writers when they see their parents writing. This is a must read.”

Bud Gardner
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul

“An amazing book! It expertly weaves together all that I need to do to develop writing, imagination and pride in my children.”

Farhana Rendall Dhalla
Instructor with Dale Carnegie Training

“Family writing! What a concept! Vera’s techniques are innovative and guaranteed to help you and your family improve your ability to write and communicate effectively. I highly recommend “Simply Write!”

Kathy Lynn
Columnist, Today’s Parent Magazine