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Vera Goodman
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Vera Goodman, grandmother, speaker, author and teacher for 30 years says homework is out of control. Sitting in school all day and doing homework evenings, weekends, and holidays is a recipe for failure for the student and society. Ms. Goodman says it is time for students, parents and educators to come together to find solutions.

Ed Note: Vera Goodman will be a guest panelist/speaker (Topic: Is homework hurting our kids?) at the Making Connections conference at York University , Toronto , Sat. Nov. 03

Calgary , AB — Assigned homework has increased 53% in recent years. “That’s totally unacceptable,” says Vera Goodman B.Ed., M.A., a former teacher and author of Simply too much Homework! What Can We Do?

“Homework is robbing kids and their parents of precious free time. Teachers, under tremendous pressure to improve standardized test scores, are sending more work home for assistance by parents who lack the proper training, and who are already stressed by the demands of life.”

Goodman points out that, “Adults don’t want to work more than 40 hours per week, yet somehow its okay for a seven-year-old to have 30 hours of school time and another 10-20 hours of homework and travel time. What kind of life and statement are we creating for our children? “

“As adults we need to focus on raising children to be resilient, creative, and resourceful. Instead, we are gambling our children’s future in a high stakes poker game of testing that sorts and labels schools and students. The result has been a huge increase in homework with no evidence that homework results in better test scores. So why are we continuing down this destructive path?”

“Why not change the concept of homework?” suggests Goodman. “Homework can be altered from ‘drill ‘n kill’ exercises to opportunities to develop life skills such as cooking, cleaning, household repairs, volunteering, and engaging in experiences not available in school.”

Reflecting on her time as a teacher and parent Goodman says, “In raising my own family, I resented the intrusion of homework into our family time. I should have raised the issue, but I did not. I regret that decision. Today, I feel cheated. I am resentful of games not played, walks not taken, crafts not made and conversations not engaged in. Life is short. What is really important?”

In her new book Simply too much Homework! What Can We Do? Vera Goodman outlines the key problems created by too much homework and offers workable solutions to alleviate the m. Goodman’s book has many points of discussion that will challenge your thinking and motivate you to speak out on the issue of excessive homework.

Five questions that foster discussion:

  1. How does excessive homeworkaffect all of society?
  2. What important life experiencesare being sacrificed to homework?
  3. Is grading homework fair?
  4. How does homework affect physical and emotional health?
  5. What are the qualities young people need to succeed in our rapidly changing world?

Four groups that can make a difference:

  1. Parents, students, society in general who must come togetherto discuss the problems and find solutions.
  2. Educators at all levels who must re-evaluate the role of homeworkand its implications.
  3. Government Departments of Education who must reduce unnecessary pressureson students and teachers.
  4. News media who can help foster meaningful dialogue among all the participants involved.



Vera is widely recognized for her simple, unique insights into learning how to read and write.
Some of her accomplishments include:

  • 2004 Seattle Pacific University Medallion Awardfor excellence and outstanding service;
  • 2003 Woman of Vision Awardfrom Global Television for contributions to literacy;
  • Author of Canadian Bestseller Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read;
  • Author of Simply Write! Practical Advice for Personal and Family Writing;
  • Teacher and Administratorfor 30 years in grades one to nine;
  • Trainer with the Calgary Writing Project;
  • Founder of the popular Young Writers’ Conferencein Calgary;
  • Masters degreein Language Arts from University of Calgary;
  • Developed highly successful volunteer mentorship programat Calgary Learning Center;
  • Private Reading Consultant to parents and their struggling readers

To receive a copy of Simply too much Homework! What Can We Do? please contact:

Mr. Neil Bousquet APR (403) 256-8834

Ms. Vera Goodman is available for interviews and comments about the effects of excessive homework.

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