Novel Study Model

Capitalize on Diversity


For Teachers from ECS to Junior High

Vera has designed an approach to teaching Language Arts that takes advantage of the diversity of students’ experiences, abilities and age levels. The model is open-ended to accommodate all teaching styles and methods. It eliminates the need for multiple copies so requires no extra expenditures. You can even use a novel that is out of print!

Teachers, students, parents and volunteers combine their special talents to create exciting learning experiences together. This approach solves many of the problems faced by teachers who are working with a wide variety of ability levels in a regular classroom.


  • Adapts to all grade levels
  • Builds strong reading and writing skills
  • Integrates language arts with the fine arts
  • Teaches appropriate skills in context
  • Develops spelling & vocabulary competency
  • Gives students control and choice
  • Encourages risk-taking and stretches thinking
  • Creates an atmosphere of fun and creativity
  • Documents accountability
  • Tailors program to teacher strengths
  • Fosters interaction between grade levels and schools
  • Provides unique ways to use the Internet
  • Involves parents and volunteers in the process

Comments from Participants :

  • “Very exciting, combines multiple approaches with excellent literature to excite and motivate.”
  • “Outstanding! So many new ideas!”
  • “The content was very practical and useful.”
  • “Exciting and inspirational, I see new directions for novels.”
  • “I’d love to have a weekend workshop on this.”

Comments from Administrators :

  • “Mrs. Goodman is truly a knowledgeable and entertaining presenter, a professional teacher who is familiar with the educational scene.”
  • “If you have the opportunity to spend some time and share some ideas with Vera, I encourage you to do so. I recommend her highly.”