Reading Wings Course – Parent’s Edition

Coach Struggling Readers to Become Exceptional Readers!

The Reading Wings Course: The Making Sense Approach to Reading

An online course by Vera Goodman B.Ed, M.A.

The Reading Wings Course an affordable, easy and enjoyable way for coaches to work with struggling readers.

Empower readers to greater success, better grades and confidence.

Imagine your child, a family member, or a friend free of the stress, embarrassment, and challenges of reading poorly.

Tara and Emma

Practice with Emma quickly changed. Now Emma loves to read and her confidence is back.


In just 2 practice sessions, I was able to read difficult material that I would never have tried before.


Anytime I had to read I felt awful. Then my mom found Vera and I learned that reading is making sense. Now reading is fun!

It’s time to move beyond the struggle and frustration.

NOW it’s possible to free your struggling reader from the stress and embarrassment of reading poorly. Even for those diagnosed with learning disabilities, dyslexia or other problems, The Making Sense Approach is a proven method for enabling anyone to become a successful reader. You can help others read surprisingly difficult material with fluency and comprehension.

You’re skeptical! But don’t just take our word for it:

20 year-old Josh was a non-reader when he came to Vera. Teachers thought he was dumb in school so put him in a class where they read for him and didn’t teach him to read. Using Vera’s teaching methods he was able to read quite difficult material with minimum help in a short period of time. It was almost unbelievable!

11  year-old Marc spent 360 hours and his parents spent thousands of dollars at a tutoring agency; he was still unable to read.  During his first session he looked up at Vera and said, “You’re a wizard.  Now I can read!”

THIS after one session.

As a Teacher educator, I am constantly searching for professional literature that will transform young teachers as well as practicing teachers in the area of reading. In order to facilitate the paradigm shift, these educators must be exposed to strong texts exposing them to real life experiences.

Dr. Lucille Mandin, University of Alberta

Vera’s “making sense approach’ is very practical and easy to implement. She helped me understand how important it is for the coach and the student, to share the same understanding or definition of what reading is all about. Her definition of reading, or the “making sense approach” is the key.

Karen Kozdras – Special Education Resource Teacher

Where did The Making Sense Approach come from?

From Vera Goodman B.Ed, M.A.

A passionate and dedicated educator, Vera brings more than 50 years of research and experience to bear in the creation of The Reading Wings Course.  She’s a fierce believer in children and in their innate ability to learn to read and write with confidence.

Vera’s professional mission is to provide parents and educators with the insights and tools to effortlessly coach anyone to not only become a better reader, but to find pleasure and meaning in reading.

Using the six exercises you will learn in this course, Vera has personally turned hundreds of ashamed, anxiety-ridden and resistant non-readers into proud, self-assured and joyful readers.

This is not hyperbole. The Making Sense method works!

You will never think the same way about words and how to make sense of language again!

Vera Goodman B.Ed, M.A.

I express my appreciation to you and your work to improve the quality of the English language arts, teaching and learning, for your clear vision of the potential for language mastery that resides in children, for your organizational abilities and for your hard work.

Wm. V. Washburn – Supervisor, Language Arts Team CBE

What does the course consist of?

The Reading Wings Course can be taken alone, with a spouse, or a friend, from the comfort of your home. In just a few hours you’ll learn the secrets to reading success to use with your children, students, family, friends, or even yourself!

What You Get:

The course is comprised of four sections that you can watch and read at your own pace.   The content includes:

  • Module 1: Learn how to look at reading in a new way
  • Module 2: Vera models how to break bad habits and establish new ones
  • Module 3: Discusses choice of practice reading materials with examples, resources and tips
  • Module 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Included in the modules are:

  • 14 video tutorials that show Vera working with parents and young readers
  • Downloadable handouts and supplemental reading in PDF format
  • Tips to engage students in reading for pleasure

The Reading Wings Course takes Vera Goodman’s reading secrets and revolutionary approach, including her books, in-person workshops, video examples, and combines them in an informative course delivered directly into your home.

I wish I had found this resource earlier in my career. This way of coaching is practical, easy to implement, and incredibly successful.

~Karen Kozdras – Special Education Teacher

Vera’s information and insights about working with children to help them grow as readers is well-grounded in research and sound theory. As a former elementary reading resource teacher, I know from personal experience that the strategies she recommends, based on reading as a meaning-oriented process, do work.

Margaret Yatsevitch Phinney – Professor of Literacy Education and Director, MSE Reading Program

The Reading Wings  course:

  • Eliminates confusion
  • Builds confidence
  • Eliminates reader tension and anxiety
  • Is simple to learn and use
  • Builds the joy of reading

Get started today on a new path to reading!

Right now you receive a free softcover copy of a book from the So Many Ways series (regular value of $19.95). This book will be mailed to you at no charge after you order the online course.

Vera highly recommends the So Many Ways series to use as a valuable teaching and practice tool.

After the course you will have access to Zoom consultations with Vera to help solve any problems you may be having!

After the course has been completed you will have access to a 30 minute online consultation with Vera to guide you through a practice session with your student.

These consultations will be on a per hour cost basis.


PLUS, you also get the extra 25 minute video called Coaching Young Readers, a $25 value.  This video was previously sold by itself on DVD but now has been converted to an online video as part of this course.

Get access to the Reading Wings online course PLUS ALL the bonuses! You will learn how to:

  • master skills to instill confidence,
  • ensure reading comprehension,
  • eliminate tension and anxiety,
  • restore the joy of reading, and much more!

100% Guarantee

Understand that you make this investment at no risk. You are covered by our personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee. That is, you can spend 30 days going through the Reading Wings Online course; The Making Sense Approach to Reading and apply everything you learn to your struggling reader. If, within 30 days of your purchase, for any reason,  you don’t believe the course was worth the investment, you can let us know and we will send you a full refund.

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