Biography of Vera Goodman

Vera Goodman has a Master’s degree in Language Arts from the University of Calgary and she is a retired teacher with experience teaching grades 1 – 9.

As a private tutor, she has helped parents learn how to coach their children to read and write effectively. She is recognized by educators and parents for her ability to explain the reading process simply and clearly. Her personal research into literacy development has produced the strategies presented in her books and online course.

Vera GoodmanAs a teacher, administrator, conference speaker and workshop facilitator for many years, Vera is recognized as a leading authority in teaching children and adults how to become competent and enthusiastic readers.

Vera lives in Calgary, Alberta – Canada. She has three daughters Cathy, Susan and Judy, and three grandchildren, Sean, Bryce and Rachel. When she isn’t sharing a cup of tea with a friend, Vera likes to share the mountains with her horse, Missy.

Experience & Credentials
  • Teacher and Administrator for 30 years in Grades one to nine.
  • Trainer with the Calgary Writing Project.
  • Initiator and chair of the first Young Writers’ Conference in Calgary.
  • B. Ed. , M. A. from the University of Calgary.
  • Master’s thesis that investigated the roots of reading in book-sharing episodes between mothers and their two-year-olds.
  • Calgary Learning Center – Initiated a highly successful mentor ship training program for reading volunteers in high need schools.
  • Private Reading Consultant to parents and their struggling readers.
  • Author of the bestselling online course SIMPLY READ! – Parent Version which provides a multimedia-enhanced and interactive method to get children reading better
  • Author of bestseller Reading is More than Phonics! A Parents’ Guide for Reading with Beginning or Discouraged Readers now revised and re-titled Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read.
  • Author of Simply Write! Practical Advice for Personal & Family Writing.
  • Author of Simply Too Much Homework! What Can We Do?
  • Producer of a teaching video for parents – Coaching Young Readers.

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